Twenty Something
A Post-Grad Guide to Growing Up



Meet the contributors

Without the contributions of the following people, Twenty Something Magazine would not have been possible. From guest writing to photography, from late nights with lots of coffee to early morning conversations, these extraordinary women have supported me and the creative process the whole way through!

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Maggie Boulton

Maggie is a brilliant multimedia specialist in the Elon iMedia program, but first and foremost she is my most loyal partner in all things creative. The original idea for Twenty Something started as a pitch idea for a phone application. This idea has morphed into a fully interactive lifestyle magazine. Maggie has helped with concept development, content strategy, photography, and truly more than I could ever explain. Without my accomplice, Twenty Something would merely be an idea on a coffee napkin. Thanks Mags!  

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Paige Morrow

As Managing Director of Extraordinary Ventures of Chapel Hill, Paige is kicking butt at “adulting”. Not only does Paige have an incredible drive and passion for what she does, but she has been endlessly supportive of me as a growing professional. Paige is featured in the article, “Take Your First Professional Risk”. Her interview answers are helpful to all post-graduates who are struggling to get their footing in budding careers. Thanks Paige! 

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Natalie Jones

As you may have seen in the style section, Natalie has an impeccable and unique sense of style. I am so lucky to have gotten to work with her for this magazine. Natalie is responsible for all written content and photography in the article, “Express your Adult Style”. Her eye for fashion is stunning and it has truly added such depth to Twenty Something. Check out Natalie’s style blog below. Thanks Natalie!                                                                                           

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Julie Mayo

To many, Julie is a graceful, talented, and remarkably creative merchant for Ballard Designs, yet to me, she is all of these AND one of my dearest friends from college. Julie is responsible for all written content and photography in the article, “Decorating on a Budget”. Julie and I have worked on many creative projects together during school but it was a gift to get to tap her creative brain for old time’s sake to the benefit of enhancing Twenty Something. Thanks Julie! 

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Symone' Austin

Symone’ claims to be a nerd, but her article clearly shows how she embraces beauty and her mature intellect during her twenties. She is responsible for all written content and photography in the article, “Beauty on a Budget”. Symone’ is also an iMedia student and has extreme talent in web development, design, and photography. Thanks to her, our readers can learn how to embrace their own inner and outer beauty while maintaining a budget. Thanks Symone’!                      

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Ashley Anderson

Twenty Something is meant to have the voice of a wise young professional that has been around the block a time or two. Ashley may claim she is  still learning the ropes of her twenties, but to me, she is the seasoned adult that I want to learn from! She is responsible for the written content in the article, “Swipe Right for Friends”. Ashley is forging a new path for women in code and has become an extremely gifted developer in the Elon iMedia program. Thanks Ashley!